Conventional Cleaning vs Aqua ChemPacs

A New Approach to Cleaning

Get rid of all those wasteful bottles of cleaners that are taking up your shelf or cabinet space. Thanks to ChemPacs, you'll finally have your cleaning supplies organized.

What Advantages Do ChemPacs Offer You?

At Aqua ChemPacs, we are proud to offer businesses and homeowners safe, sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning solutions for their needs. We have a cleaner for every cleaning application you have. We reduce your shipping costs by sending you only the concentrated cleaner. Our simple, convenient ChemPacs provide precise portion control, require no messy mixing and eliminate any risk of pouring harsh concentrates from bottles. They are flexible enough to be added to mop buckets, spray bottles, floor cleaners and carpet cleaning machines. The different ChemPacs are color-coded, so there's never any confusion as to which cleaner is for which cleaning job. As the industry leader in completely dissolvable concentrated chemical cleaning packs, we help you and the environment by saving space and preventing millions of plastic bottles from ending up in landfills.

An Eco-Friendly Solution

Because we only ship the cleaning product concentrate to you, there is less waste with a smaller shipping box and less packing material. The product itself is also safe and sustainable and completely dissolves in water with no leftover waste.

Innovation for Your Cleaning Needs

At Aqua ChemPacs, we have high-quality cleaners for nearly any cleaning need. Their flexibility allows you to add them to bottles, mop buckets, floor cleaners, carpet cleaners and laundry machines. We can customize a kit of cleaners for your specific home or business needs.

ChemPacs provide the cleanest, simplest, most cost-effective, non-mechanical approach Conventional Cleaners VS. Water-Soluble ChemPacs to sanitary maintenance!

Greener Alternative To Traditional Cleaning

An important mission of Aqua ChemPacs is to deliver a safe, sustainable product. It is essential to us to eliminate excessive waste and to avoid plastic from ending up in landfills and oceans. Every time an Aqua ChemPac bottle is reused that is one less bottle that is reaching a landfill. Over the last year alone, we have prevented 7 million bottles, the equivalent of 1,323,000 pounds of plastic waste, from reaching landfills.

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